14 Secrets Gta San Andreas

                                                     The Secret of GTA San Andreas

                                                                     "Ghost Car"

              Ghost car was damaged car in the middle of the woods. ghost car has two types. Distinctive broken, in the middle of the forest, and one of the few cars can run its own ghost. There are many ghost cars in grand theft auto san andreas. Usually the ghost car that can run itself precisely in the middle of the woods in the Shady's Creek or Back O'Beyond.

                                                                      "Big Foot"

              Real Life, Bigfoot is black and furry animals that walk like humans. However, in GTA San Andreas is also there, which is exactly in the middle of the forest in the Back O'Beyond. If you want to know the place look below !

                         Look good either !

                                                                  "Ghost Graffiti"

                Ghost Graffiti is writing that made ​​the first gang in a city that is San Pierro. Because it can disappear or appear by itself, then that is called "Ghost Graffiti". Ghost Graffiti only some of them in the city of San Pierro. Ghost Graffiti place in the cemetery of San Pierro.

                                                                     "Body Bag" 

               Body Bag is a bag filled with corpses. if you ask me, there is a murder there and the body is wrapped. after that, the body bags inserted into the hole and there was a car that was the killer. place at or near the base plane flying schools.

                                                            "Ghost Vortex"

               Ghost Vortex is a vortex that can run itself. In my opinion it's way down. Vortex is at the Bayside Marina. But if you are looking for, is in the top left corner on the map are colored white sand.

                                                           "Strange Call"
If you get a call at 3:33 (when the mission was over and have not had a girlfriend) was strange call. You can be on the phone where you are. Look out! I'm so sorry if no images

                                                           "Secret Place"

                  Secret Place is the place to go to the secret room can also be in Liberty City. GYM place in the city of San Pierro.Look for the dark side in the GYM and jetpack cheat. After that, it was flying jetpack.

                                                               "The Leatherface"

                This is the Leatherface. The Leatherface is the masked man carrying a chainsaw. Usually in the middle of the woods in Shady's Creek. He said the people of The Leatherface comes when you see the blue light.
                                                          "Suicidal Pendestrian"

               It is a strange person. Because he committed suicide in a deep sea. The story, one that will take pictures of the sea, and he drown himself. This guy called Suicidal Pendestrian. This guy is in Flint County.

                                                               "Screaming Voice"

           It just cries alone so no pictures. Shouting is very mysterious. I also have not heard. If you want to hear, come on Back O'Beyond.

                                                   "Cluckin Bell in Fort Carson"

              This is the only Cluckin Bell closes at 12.00. I have not been there. If you want to know check it out. Sorry no place !

                                                              " CJ's Mom Ghost"

              This is the mother of Carl Johnson (CJ). Mrs. CJ only rarely rarely alone. This can only be viewed on the camera alone. The place is in the home first CJ.

                                                  "Strange Phone Number"

              This is the secret phone save Madd house dogs. With a number 333-747123. Not on the phone.

                                                          "Rusty Wheels Chair"

              Rusty Wheels Chair is a rusty wheelchair. This chair is on a lake and there was a rundown house.


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  2. can you please give the gta sa map with the location on it?


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